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Note to self musician's guide to not being jaded or cynical

1. Easier said than done but try not to get stressed out regarding shit p.a. equipment in venues, do not believe when told by someone that does not knw how to use it or are 12 yrs of age, that its cool and works well.... you just have to jiggle the lead!!! even after the support is a thrash metal band who put their drums through the p.a. if you have your own and can get it there its always a safer bet.

2. Do not get frustrated or look too surprised when venues expect you to play for free even after the place is bursting with the sound of happy punters, spending lots of money just calmly remind them you dont expect their bar staff to work for free its not a hobby its a job, enjoyable, but nevertheless a job, and if they are working for free ( they might be making up some hrs they owe) but its unlikely isnt it, so theres something funny going on there... dont feel bad asking for payment or at the very least expensives. i know loads of fellow musicians that have played tons of free gigs over the yrs to get stuff heard, getting out there is important, but with regard to busy venues,that are taking shit loads of money,, well you gotta draw a line somewhere.

3. Blood pressure may be a issue at this point but breathe...slowly

4. Its a fact the music industry churns out the worst shit imaginable and often bypasses real music, so its healthy to shout at the radio Whyyyyyyyyy, and cunt from time to time, its not being jealous or too old,especially when your favourite radio st plays bands that sound like coldplay a lot it keeps you fresh plus you really cant like everything

5.Being successful in music doesnt necessarilly mean financial yes its great getting a prs cheque for a VERY SMALL amount, and truthfully we'd love to pay our rent just from music but lets face it most of us have to do another job however even

one person tapping their foot to your tunes can make you feel like you won the pools.

6. If you feel you want to give up just watch the x factor or listen to bono wailing or some other generic sounding shit. That should remind you why you have to make a difference, unless of course you really are shit, then you should give up, get your bestest most direct friend to tell you the truth, it will hurt if thats the way it falls, but at least you can try something else, a music jorno perhaps...other than that, in the words of the mighty Curtis Mayfield Keep on Keeping on.

7. Without a good Bass player and Drummer you might as well have no pulse, its over, theres no but "their quite good in a meat and veg way, nearly in time..... do yourself a favour they are the heart of any band dont scrimp on this or let your

emotions get in the way cause you fancy them or something, it will probably end in tears if your nobbing them, it never works out, ask stevie nicks...


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